Monday, December 12, 2011

Album Review: Charlene Soraia - Moonchild

Charlene Soraia - Moonchild

Spotify is a brilliant invention. There have been countless albums that I'd have never have bought had I not been afforded the opportunity to listen to them first and the ability to check out a record by an artist you are unsure of is a great way to listen to new music.

Of course, what is bound to happen eventually is that you'll listen to an album which you would have ordinarily automatically bought and find it to be a huge disappointment. And that's precisely what happened with Charlene Soraia's debut album, Moonchild.

Having heard the lovely Wherever You Will Go (the Calling cover from the Twinings advert) I was convinced this would be an artist I'd like. Wispy, acoustic piano pop by a female singer songwriter pretty much ticked every one of my boxes. That's why I am astounded that I enjoyed Moonchild quite so little.

I'll be honest - I nearly turned it off after two tracks. The first two songs sound so much like some ropey feedback or someone experimenting with a theramin that they made my head hurt. While Moonchild got way better after that - there are one or two nice tracks here - Wherever You Will Go is by far the best thing here and not at all representative of the remainder of the record.

If you like the single, be VERY careful before you buy the album. It might as well have been done by someone else.

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