Sunday, December 30, 2007

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Top 10 Albums of 2007

2. Cherry Ghost - Thirst For Romance (ST)

Simon Aldred is only 33 years old, but already he possesses a voice that sounds as though it has been soaked in whisky and cigarettes for at least twice that time. He's not quite into Tom Waits territory (he's far more tuneful), but he does have a voice that sounds like it has lived a little; travelled around a bit and seen the world. He certainly has a tale to tell, and it is this voice, together with the melancholy romance of the lyrics, that really lifts Cherry Ghost out of the ordinary and into something really quite special.

They're not a band who have had a great deal of hype or a great deal of presence, and they may never be cool, but they certainly do have the songs. It's a gem of an album.

Favourite Song: People Help The People

2. Tiny Dancers - Free School Milk (LB)

Sheffield-based Tiny Dancers are my band of 2007. From the first time I heard their catchy and brilliant single "Hannah, We Know" I was completely hooked.

I've seen them three times this year and, whilst frontman David Kay's glitter-adorned cheeks and odd Mexican poncho do look a bit odd, they are a brilliant live band.

It's difficult to classify their sound - it's guitar based but with a pop twinge, occasionally folky and with the odd loud guitar riff (the introduction of their first top 40 single "I Will Wait For You" is an example.)

Despite it not being my #1 album of 2007, it's the one album I'd encourage anyone to buy - there is something in their sound for everyone and if a band deserves a big break in 2008, it's these boys.

Favourite Song: Hannah, We Know (great video, too)

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