Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goldfrapp - Seventh Tree.

The latest offering from Alison and Will has been frequently mooted as a radical change of direction for the pairing. One listen to first single "A & E", from the album and one could hardly disagree, especially when comparing it to their previous big singles, such as "Ooh La La" or "Number One". But it's not really such a diverse direction for them to take.
Whilst they are best known for a sound that blends glam rock with a synthesized dance sound, many people listening to this new album will wonder why they've chosen to go in such a Lo-Fi direction. In fact, it's not so dissimilar to their debut album, which gained lots of critical acclaim, but got shunned by the music buying public.

For listeners looking for more funk for their spunk in the guise of Goldfrapp continuing the disco, glam rock, funkiness feel then I'm afraid this latest album isn't gonna charge their batteries. In fact, it's more likely to be a slow dissolve.
It's low key.
It's low-fi.
It's ambient.
It's a little sullen.

There's a distinct lack of programmed beats and charging bass-lines. There's guitar a plenty, but delivered in a mellow and acoustic way, instead of striking and 'Whah Whah'. Synths still play a large, healthy role, but in a more melodic style, adding shape and volume to the songs, instead of driving them onto the edge of the local dance floors. Alison's voice is as sweet as ever, but given this type of material, she sounds even more gorgeous. She sings the words as if she wants you to fall in love.

It's a wonderful collection of songs that compliment each other so well, it makes much more sense to listen to the album as a whole. I'd say there's a good choice of songs to release as singles from this and it's difficult to pin-point just a handful over the others, because they all have something lovely to offer.
In short; a melodic, stripped down and lusciously ambient feeling album that's as dreamy as a night in front of the TV with the love of your life.

Simply lovely.

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